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Tourism Destinations added by toshi

Tibetan Monestary, Vikas Nagar

Not many people know about this beautiful Tibetan Monastery which is located in Vikas Nagar. The Monastery has beautiful thanka paintings on the walls which are made by special painters from Nepal.

Shiv Mandir (Middle Bazaar)

It is a famous Shiv temple, located at the Middle Bazaar. On Shivratri, this temple is decorated nicely and prasada along with bhandaras are served all over the day.

Shoghi Hanuman Temple

This temple is famous for the incredible architectural style. This temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. As per the belief, visiting this temple will bring prosperity and good health to one’s life. T

Kaali Baari Temple

This ancient temple was constructed in 1845 and dedicated to the Goddess Kali (also called Shyamala). This temple is situated at the nearby place of the mall. It is a religious and very beautiful p

Sankat Mochan Temple

संकट मोचन मंदिर - शिमला से 6-7 किलोमीटर की दुरी पर स्थित यह मंदिर हनुमान जी को �

Dhingu Devi Temple, Sanjoli

ढींगू देवी- शिमला स्थित संजौली की पहाड़ी पर यह मंदिर अंत्यत सुन्दर होने के स�