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Carnation Flower

Carnations, also known as Dianthus caryophyllus, have long been brewed into teas that may help alleviate stress and nervousness. In ancient China, carnation flower tea was widely used to help the body and spirit relax, and to restore energy in the body. Carnations Flowers are planted all over in Himachal by Farmers and The Department of Horticulture has established seven Floriculture Nurseries in various Districts, viz., Navbahar and Chhrabra in Shimla District, Mandi, Mahog Bag and Parwanoo in Solan District, Bajaura in Kullu District and Dharamshala and Bhatoon in Kangra District.

Agro Climatic Zones Planting Time Flowering Time
Low Hills Sep. - Nov. Feb. – March
Mid Hills Jan. - Feb. April – June
High Hills March - April July - Oct

The most popular flower in the world is the carnation flower. Because of its long resistance even after it was cut the carnation flower is used often in flower arrangements, boutonnieres and corsage bouquets

The most common kinds of carnations are: annual carnations, border and perpetual flowering carnations.

The scientific name of the carnation flower is Dianthus and was given by a Greek botanist Theophrastus (dios = God, Zeus, anthos = flower) and that’s why the carnation flower is known by “The flower of God”.

The carnation flower is part of the kingdom plantae, division Magnoliophyta, class Magnoliopsida, order Caryophyllades, family Caryophyllacae and genus Dianthus.

This type of flower is very popular also because of the big variety of colors and the meanings of each type of carnation flower like for example a carnation in general it means fascination or woman’s love, a pink carnation symbolize mother’s love, a dark red carnation means deep love, white carnation pure love or good luck and so on. So, when you want to give a carnation flower to somebody you’d better check its meaning by searching the entire list.

There is a legend about the carnation flower and its appearance that says that carnations appeared when Jesus carried the cross. They spread up from the Virgin Mary’s tears.

Here are some facts about this type of flowers:

  • Carnation flower expresses love
  • It’s from Eurasia
  • Were used first by the Greeks in garlands
  • They last a very long time even after they we’re cut
  • Are given especially on Mother’s Day.

The Dianthus Caryophyllus is a type of carnation flower with single flowers, 5 petals and a big range f colors. The border carnations may have 40 petals and double flowers.

If you grow them in your garden they can reach at 6 or 8, 5 cm diameter with its petals clawed or serrated.

The carnation flower blooms simply of branched or in forked clusters. This type of flowers has narrow and stalk less leaves with their color variety from green to grey-blue or purple. There are three types of carnation flowers that you can grow in your garden:

  • Large flowered carnations – one big flower per stern
  • Mini carnations – multiple smaller flowers
  • Dwarf flowered carnations – several little flowers per stern


If you want to grow the best carnations take the cutting from the base any time in the fall on in the winter, root them in the sand and pot them up. You can also put them in the pots until the spring comes when you can work up the ground. The best soil for a carnation flower it has to be deep, friable and sandy loam.

To have the most beautiful carnation flower you have to offer them a lot of hours of full sun and keep them soil moist. Don’t over-water them because the quality of the bloom depends on it. The soil and irrigation are the most two important aspects in growing the carnation flower.

Carnations Oil and Medical Usage:-

In massage oils, carnations have been used to promote healing of the skin and to increase vitality that not only softens and replenishes the skin, but creates a scent that many find soothing and calming.
Carnation oils have therapeutic benefits for the treatment of skin rashes and act like a conditioner for the skin. Many women use carnation oil to treat and minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles and conditions such as rosacea and eczema. The flower has been used in a variety of cosmetics and oils as well.


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Carnations, also known as Dianthus caryophyllus, have long been brewed into teas that may help alleviate stress and nervousness.

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